Business Process Reengineering (BPR)

RADEBA International Company FZC is a leading Strategic Consulting Company and a right working partner to reengineer your organizational set up. We offers superior recommendations for critical business needs such as cutting wastages, reduce idle hours and improve productivities of workforce and machine, right material movements, effective Production Planning & Control, cost optimization, effective Human Resources Planning, working capital management.

RADEBA has worked with hundred of Organizations within MENA (Middle East North African) regions including India and Singapore. Our company has benefited our clients with billions of dollars worth through cost savings and through improved cash-flow across the regions.

The critical Business Process Reengineering success factor is the selection of the right consulting partner with wide and deep experiences and sound methodologies.

Our methodology

RADEBA does redesigning of your business processes with an aim to improve your business dramatically through improvement in your productivity. We always go into macro and micro level of each activity of our Clients’ Companies and deliver maximum benefit through the module Business Process Reengineering (BPR).

RADEBA team suggests after due intelligence processing to remove all unproductive activities in various key areas such as redesigning functional setup, use of technology for faster decision making.

RADEBA Service charges will vary based on different types of Service Agreements which involves with various duties and responsibilities based on Customers' requirement and are to be decided mutually as agreed based on the proposal quotes submitted by hard copies and/or through Emails and/or online; directly handedover and/or sent to the customers.

RADEBA International Company FZC always supports our clients through various methods suit to individual client as follows:


RADEBA suggest the possible methods and recommend to revive from the current stages for improvement after analyzing all the available details of its cross functional activities. The consideration of recommendation and its execution will be the responsibilities of the existing top management.

Working Consultant Partner

RADEBA involves here as Working Partner. RADEBA takes part in the Business Management activities and takes the responsibilities of complete audit control of each activity. It suggests and manages with remedial activities for the fixed period of time as:

  • Short Term Partnership
  • Long-Term Partnership

  • How BPR Work
  • Impacts using BPR
  • Fees Structure

Business Process Reengineering efforts with strategic goals and results clear, measurable objectives through drastic change management initiatives involving few Major steps:

  • Refocus in better understanding of customers’ need
  • Redesign and improve the entire existing Business Processes across the Organization to the best with the available Technology
  • A strong case-to-case study based on available data from every stage of operation from estimation/tendering to realization of payment from the customers.
  • Use of proven methodologies that have solid results
  • Clear communication with perfect documentation within cross functional organization to make every employee bound to committed responsibilities
  • Implement the redesign plans in the Organization making every member is 100% responsible for his/her activities.
  • Reengineering focus on reducing wastages, Men-Machine idle times, improve productivities and improves the cash flows to the best.

Companies using Business Process Reengineering improve their performance on their key processes that improves Customers’ satisfaction.

Improves Productivities

Business Process Reengineering reduces the idle time of men-machine and improves man-machine productivities.

Reduces Processing Time

Business Process Reengineering reduces the processing time of each activities and thus eliminating unproductive activities and this leads to improve in cash-flow cycles and ultimately value add to the bottom line of the P&L i.e. increase profitability.

Improves Quality

Business process Reengineering improves quality of every employee with clear ownership of his/her processes and thus measures every employee’s performance.

Positive Progress

Business Process Reengineering gives way for total control on the activities towards positive progress through improved Management system

Performance Improvement Diagnostic

Change organizational boundaries to utilize full potential for competitive advantage

BPR Consultancy

Number of employees
(including Labours)
Working PeriodCharges
1-10 < 2 days  
10-25 < 5 days  
25-50 < 10 days  
50-100 < 25 days  
100-200 < 45 days  

The number of days indicated are tentative subject to the following conditions:

  • Your staffs have to be cooperative and provide all sufficient data for the analysis in time to maintain our contracted period. If any additional days due to delay in providing data by your staffs may have additional cost implication.
  • We suggest with possible improvement for every noticeable drawback in the system with alternate if any and execution is purely rest on the current Management.
  • The suggestion is based on the internal factors within the system and it doesn’t refer any external factors such as market trend, government policies, act of war or any unforeseen acts affects your company’s functions.
  • Payment Terms : 50% advance to start the BPR Activity and balance as mutually agreed.

As Working Consultant Partner

Number of employees
(incl Labours)
Working Period
(2 to 3 Hours per day)
Charges UAEOther CountriesNote for ourselves
(Not to be disclosed in the website)
1-10 Monthly
(2-3 Hours per day)
10-25 Monthly
(3-4 Hours per day)
25-50 Monthly
(approx 4-5 hours per day)
50-100 Monthly
(approx 5 hours per day)
100-200 Monthly
(approx 5 hours per day)
  • One month charges as Security deposit in advance.
  • Payment of monthly charges on every 30th/31st of each month or part there off through online. Activity for the next month will be carried out on receipt of payment for the previous month.
  • Additional charges for outside UAE Companies: This excludes the flight tickets, visa charges, local conveyance, online payment transfer charges, lodging, food etc for each trip.

Stakeholder as working partner

  • Minimum monthly guarantee payment to be fixed as monthly payment.
  • Plus yearend profit share to be agreed mutually.
  • Hours are flexible will be decided by RADEBA and depending on the work nature.