Agency - Represent Sellers

RADEBA International Company FZC can act as an Agency Representing Original Manufacturers with the Buyers. We relieve in executing part of our responsibilities of our Customers when there are cross country businesses involved. Our team relieves the marketing responsibilities of our Customers for their of their products in the international market and to avoid their separate establishment everywhere.

RADEBA has experienced qualified Staff to take care of the needs of every customer and take any size of business needs. Our company get new buyers from any part of the regions for our Customers. We interact between the Manufacturers and buyers to arrive mutual agreements for the mutual businesses. We will ensure the follow-ups as per the agreement between the buyers and sellers.

RADEBA strictly adheres to standards. We help you in supplying your products to any part of the world. Our policy is to provide full assistance to our customers in selling products world-wide. One can expect exceptional service from our personnel.

RADEBA Service charges will vary based on different types of Service Agreements which involves with various duties and responsibilities based on Customers' requirement and are to be decided mutually as agreed based on the proposal quotes submitted by hard copies and/or through Emails and/or online; directly handedover and/or sent to the customers.

  • Apparel
  • Clothing

Our Key Area of Responsibility:

  • Actively sourcing new buyers for our customers in different regions.
  • Help Fabricators in clarifying & understanding the design concept & sample making to meet the buyer’s requirements.
  • Book orders as per our Customers standard designs and patented products.
  • Effective communication between buyers and sellers.
  • Confirm orders along with confirmation of payment terms.
  • Arrange to execute the Orders and coordinate till it is completed.
  • Ensure the payment is received in time as per the contract.

Coming Soon


RADEBA is proud to introduce some of the pristigious Housing Projects in India.

We always represent only the genuine and reliable Building Promoters who are in this field since many years and have executed many Projects successfully.

We started this service and many of our Investers either reinvested or recommended their friends for the possible Building Projects throughout India.

We are trying to scruitinize more Promoters in India to satisfy everyone of our Investors and also to broden our Invester base.


RADEBA is expanded its activities into UAE Real Estate market.

It has a very good contacts with reliable Reputed Building Promoters who executed only big and pristigious Green Building Projects in UAE.

There are good investment return and benefits in holding your own building in UAE.

Government is also supporting Foreign Investors to invest in UAE and allowing free hold Property.

There are many expatriate Investors from Asia and from Europe Continents who are invested in many Building Properties in UAE.

Contact us for more details.